Iris Storm-Footed

Ergo Iris croceis per caelum roscida pennis Mille trahens varios adverso sole colores Devolat et supra caput astitit

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Mythology | Iris 

Iris was the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow, connecting the gods above to mortals below as a messenger of the Olympian gods. She was often identified specifically as Hera’s (the queen of the gods) handmaiden and personal messenger. Since Iris’ father was a marine-god and her mother a cloud-nymph, she was also associated with the sea and sky.

Many Greeks believed that the rainbow’s arc, connecting clouds and the sea, represented Iris’ path or journey as she went from her home above to collect water from the sea in order to replenish clouds that had rained. [x]

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 MYTHOLOGY MEME ⇏ Greek Gods and Goddesses

IRIS, the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. She is also known as one of the goddesses of the sea and the sky. Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld.

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But Father Zeus, watching [Hera and Athena] from Ida, enraged, sent Iris the golden-winged to take them a message: ‘Away, and swiftly, Iris; turn them back, and keep them far from me, a confrontation will do them no good. Tell them what I say, and would surely do. I’d hamstring the horses that pull their chariot, hurl them from it, and shatter it to pieces. Not in ten years’ circuit would they be healed of the wounds my thunderbolt deals. That would show the bright-eyed goddess what a fight with her father means! I’ve less words of wrath or indignation to waste on Hera: she habitually defies my decrees.’

At this, Iris, swift as the storm, sped on her way, from the peak of Ida to high Olympus, where she met them at the very gates of that many-ridged mountain, and gave them Zeus’ message: ‘Where are you rushing to, your hearts pounding in your breasts? Zeus forbids you to help the Argives. He threatens you, and he fulfils his threats. He’d hamstring the horses that pull your chariot, hurl you from it, and shatter it to pieces. Not in ten years’ circuit would you be healed of the wounds his thunderbolt deals. That would show you, bright-eyed goddess, what a fight with your father means! He has less words of wrath or indignation to waste on Hera: who habitually defies his decrees. But you’d be dreadful in your brazen impudence, if you truly dared to raise your great spear against Zeus.’

With these words, fleet-footed Iris took her divine way, while Hera turned to Athene in alarm: ‘Well now, daughter of aegis-bearing Zeus, I cannot sanction us waging war on Zeus for these mortals. Let events decide who lives and who dies. Zeus must decide between the Greeks and Trojans, as is only right.’

So saying, she wheeled her team and returned. Then the Hours unyoked the long-maned horses, and tethered them by their ambrosial mangers, and leaned the chariot against the bright entrance-wall, while the two anxious goddesses sat down, with the other gods, on golden chairs.


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gods for the modern ageiris

put colour into the world and light up the sky when the clouds part. be the life-giver, the rain bringer, who bridges the gap between sea and sky. hold all to their oaths: as you keep the promise of light after darkness, colour after grey, so must they keep their promises. fleet-footed messenger, fly, and with you carry the storm.

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THE WRATH OF THE GODDESSES » the goddesses have raged war against the gods

i. Control - Poe {Hera} | ii. Bitch - Plastiscines {Hera} | iii. Divine - Second Person {Persephone} | iv. Oh Death - Jen Titus {Persephone} | v. Virgin - Manchester Orchestra {Artemis} | vi. Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore {Artemis} | vii. You Think You’re A Man - The Vaselines {Aphrodite} | viii. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore {Aphrodite} | ix. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs {Athena} | x. Terrible Things - April Smith and the Great Picture Show {Athena} | xi. Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling [Demeter} | xii. All My Rage - Laura Marling {Demeter} | xiii. Thanatos - Soap&Skin {Hecate} | xiv. Jagadamba, You Might - First Aid Kit {Hecate}  | xv. Bird Song - Florence + the Machine {Iris} | xvi. What the Water Gave Me - Florence + the Machine {Iris} | xvii. Power & Control - Marina and the Diamonds {Nike} | xviii. Meddle - Little Boots {Nike} | xix. Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile {Nemesis} | xx. Bad Karma - Ida Maria {Nemesis} 

Bonus Tracks; {for Hestia, Eris, Harmonia, Hebe}

xxi. Moon and Moon - Bat for Lashes {Hestia} | xxii. Bottom of the River - Delta Rae {Eris} | xxiii. Horizons - Puscifer {Harmonia} | xxiv. Youth - Daughter {Hebe}

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